About Us

Encompass Health

A high quality, low cost  healthcare option for individuals
with no insurance or high deductible plans. We do not accept insurance.
At Encompass Health, our goal is to deliver exceptional, compassionate, and personal care to patients that are people first.​​

Lavonne Clifford, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C, CEN

Vision for Encompass Health & Why We Don't Accept Health Insurance

When you ask Lavonne why she decided to start a business like Encompass Health, she is quick to tell you
that she feels strongly that there is a need in the community for low cost healthcare for those with high
deductibles or no insurance at all. 

"Being an ER nurse, I noticed that some patients utilized the emergency room for care that can be treated in a primary or urgent care setting because they have no insurance. Using the emergency room for such care results in high costs that are billed to the patient. My family has insurance, but I have a very high deductible. Our own experience has been receiving high visit fees when seeking care. I am sincerely hoping that this clinic helps patients in these circumstances and not only prevents the burden of the high cost of care, but also provides patients with more personalized, comfortable care."



Lavonne is a graduate of Cumberland University where she was awarded her Bachelor's of Nursing Degree and Union University where she was awarded her Master's of Science Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. 
Lavonne is a beloved wife and proud mother of two. When she is not busy at her clinic, she enjoys to kayak, hike, and go to concerts. She has 3 dogs (Joji, a Shiba Inu; Mike, a pit bull; and sweet Lucy Lou, a Lab/Blue Heeler mix) and 2 cats (Monster and Bob)-- all rescues. Lavonne likes to go on walking adventures with her children..... They like to go to the movies with Mom too because Dad? Well, he doesn't like to go to the movies!!!


Lavonne has 19 years of nursing experience that includes work in the ICU, Cardiothoracic Trauma, and Emergency Department settings. She is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and is an active member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Lavonne is certified in Adult and Pediatric Advanced Life Support and is a Certified Emergency Nurse.